The Giving Project, One Month Later

While I’ve not managed to blog as often as I planned, I’ve continued to engage with the act of giving and to reflect on my experiences in relation to Charles Eisenstein’s book on Sacred Economics (along with a collection of other authors).  Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to connect more to the donations I make to charity,Continue reading “The Giving Project, One Month Later”

Highlights from our Shropshire Yurt Adventure

Just returned from a low-key adventure in Shropshire.  Here are the highlights: Glamping in a arboretum with 400 year old oaks and the first Douglas Fir tree to be planted in the UK.  No electricity, spotty mobile phone reception, birdsong that lasted 22 hours of the day and hot showers in a wooden out building = Heaven.Continue reading “Highlights from our Shropshire Yurt Adventure”

Return of the green cocktail dress

I’ve not had much time for blogging lately, but I’ve carried on with my experiment of paying attention to giving.  Tonight, at yoga class, my cocktail dress returned.  A few weeks ago one of my yoga-mates mentioned she had a party to go to that required a vintage tea dress.  She was going to buyContinue reading “Return of the green cocktail dress”