Day 4: For the Ants who have Everything

Today’s gift-giving went cross-species.  I’ve got this high-tech hot composter in my back garden.  When you maintain it properly it will reach temperatures high to kill plant pests and weed seeds.  However, we let it cool down over the winter, by failing to feed it regularly, and a city of ants moved in.  I really should dig outContinue reading “Day 4: For the Ants who have Everything”

Day 2: Stories of 29 Gifts

Gifting is a little addictive.  Spurred on by my soupsploits yesterday, I picked up a box of my favourite gluten-free, dairy-free truffles from Booja Booja to mail to a friend whose been having a bit of rough time lately.  Incidentally, I was first introduced to Booja Booja by receiving a box as a thank you giftContinue reading “Day 2: Stories of 29 Gifts”

Day 1: A New Story of Gifting Soup

Over the last few months I’ve been working my way through Charles Eisenstein’s book, Sacred Economics.  At the heart of the book is a call for a return to an economy based on gift-giving.  Finding a way out of the growth economy system we are currently tangled up in is not only essential for theContinue reading “Day 1: A New Story of Gifting Soup”