I currently do not have any public workshops coming up.

Bespoke Workshops

I am available to work with you and your group in harnessing your imagination to connect with yourself, your work, your passions and your world.  Bespoke storytelling and storywriting workshops range from a couple of hours to a couple of days, please contact me for details.

Please get in touch via the Contact Page

Here are some things participants have said:

“Alette, many thanks for the handout and for the wonderful learning and telling stories experience today. Will definitely try again and again. If anything, I have learned a great inward-outward back-to-back communication ‘technique’.”  

Harla Octarra, graduate student who attended a storytelling for community engagement workshop for Edinburgh Beltane

“Alette delivered a two day storytelling with a group of student for us at the University in February this year. The run up to the workshop was challenging, with participants dropping out, which meant that Alette had to react very quickly to a smaller group than we intended. With Alette’s training and support our four student storytellers were able to deliver the story of Anne Frank’s Diary to groups of primary school children. Alette’s ability to engage the students in what could have been a very difficult subject matter, and her background as a children’s author resulted in a highly stimulating and inspiring couple of days.  As a result, I have asked Alette to deliver another workshop and would not hesitate to recommend her.”  

Dawn Smith, Student Experience Project, University of Edinburgh

“As I am not very creative, I was doubtful about how good the storytelling session would be but I really enjoyed it and felt like it was open to everybody; even those who were not hugely creative.”  

Undergraduate student on the Third Space Project

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