The Giving Project, One Month Later


While I’ve not managed to blog as often as I planned, I’ve continued to engage with the act of giving and to reflect on my experiences in relation to Charles Eisenstein’s book on Sacred Economics (along with a collection of other authors).  Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to connect more to the donations I make to charity, most of which just slip out of my bank account while I’m not watching thanks to Direct Debit.  I’ve calculated how many hours of paid work go into earning the money that funds all these donations, and it’s approximately 4.5 hours.  So I’m going to consciously dedicate the first 4.5 hours of work each month to the idea of funding charities I believe in, starting on July 1st.  Hopefully this will help me to connect more with the feeling of giving in our digitised world.  It may even encourage me to dedicate more of my work hours to charity.

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2 thoughts on “The Giving Project, One Month Later

  1. Regardless how often you’ve managed, it’s great that you’re blogging at all again. It’s also great that I can keep tabs on your updates through Goodreads!

  2. Alette, Love this series! Making me think alot of how I connect with others – all “transactions”. A giving society is a much more aware, in-tune and considered one. Liking the idea of how this might expand around oneself and around one’s community. Thanks!

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