Days 6 and 7: Freegling

Piper, my beloved puppy, grew like something from a fairytale, i.e. magically quickly.  After 6 weeks, he’d outgrown the first crate we bought for him (see the photo)…and after 6 months, he outgrew the second.  We’re now on crate number three, which is larger than number 2, which was officially size large.  Fortunately he’s a […]

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My Canine Familiar

Dogs were the first animals to bind their fates to humans.  Some neo-pagan types have a hard time forgiving them for that, putting cats forward as the eco-feminist companion animal of choice.  Despite growing up with cats whom I loved dearly, and having plenty of neo-pagan, eco-feminist leanings, I confess that I always wanted a […]

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