Highlights from our Shropshire Yurt Adventure

Just returned from a low-key adventure in Shropshire.  Here are the highlights: Glamping in a arboretum with 400 year old oaks and the first Douglas Fir tree to be planted in the UK.  No electricity, spotty mobile phone reception, birdsong that lasted 22 hours of the day and hot showers in a wooden out building = Heaven.Continue reading “Highlights from our Shropshire Yurt Adventure”

Day 4: For the Ants who have Everything

Today’s gift-giving went cross-species.  I’ve got this high-tech hot composter in my back garden.  When you maintain it properly it will reach temperatures high to kill plant pests and weed seeds.  However, we let it cool down over the winter, by failing to feed it regularly, and a city of ants moved in.  I really should dig outContinue reading “Day 4: For the Ants who have Everything”

Friday Findings: What’s your day like?

On my nightstand, Miss Thing, by Nora Chassler, Two Raven Press.  The perfect summer fiction read. (P.S. Two Ravens Press is having an amazing sale on ebooks right now, with many being just £1) Get inspired to restructure your day, with the daily routines of famous creative people. Why spending more time marketing yourself onContinue reading “Friday Findings: What’s your day like?”