Highlights from our Shropshire Yurt Adventure

Piper and yurt

Just returned from a low-key adventure in Shropshire.  Here are the highlights:

Glamping in a arboretum with 400 year old oaks and the first Douglas Fir tree to be planted in the UK.  No electricity, spotty mobile phone reception, birdsong that lasted 22 hours of the day and hot showers in a wooden out building = Heaven.

Booked through Canopy and Stars’ inspiring collection of one of a kind, eco-friendly vacation destinations.

Picked up two books while I was away.  Dip: Wild Swims from the Borderlands, by Andrew Fusek Peters.  I’m always excited when I fine a new ecological memoir.  The Garden Forager: Edible Delights in Your Own Back Garden, by Adele Nozedar, to add to my collection of gardening books.  The latter was picked up at Art and Artisan, a little bookshop in Bishop’s Castle with a mouthwatering collection of books.  The former I bought at Sheepish, along with a sheepish amount of local yarn.

Books read in the yurt: Gossip from the Forest, by Sara Maitland.  Glamping in an actual forest with a 12-foot wooden bear, a Scandinavian chapel, several gypsy caravans and a copper-topped russian dacha is the perfect place to read about forests and fairytales!  Face-to-face: Women Writers on Faith, Mysticism and Awakening, edited by Linda Hogan and Brenda Peterson.

Favourite desert of the trip: Avocado ice cream made by the blogger at Spread a Little Love.  Who knew gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free frozen deserts could be so delish.

Favourite beverage: Robinson’s of Tenbury Cider.  They know their ciders in that part of the world.

Our local for the week: Powis Arms.

Favouite buildings: Ludlow’s 500 listed buildings, many of which dated from the medieval period.

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