Friday findings: giving and receiving

I wanted to write one last giving post before moving on to my next project (which involves giving as you will see). The act of gift giving is made in relationship, a giver must have a receiver in order for a gift to come into being.  Because stories are at heart gifts, this is echoed in storytellers needing audiencesContinue reading “Friday findings: giving and receiving”

Highlights from our Shropshire Yurt Adventure

Just returned from a low-key adventure in Shropshire.  Here are the highlights: Glamping in a arboretum with 400 year old oaks and the first Douglas Fir tree to be planted in the UK.  No electricity, spotty mobile phone reception, birdsong that lasted 22 hours of the day and hot showers in a wooden out building = Heaven.Continue reading “Highlights from our Shropshire Yurt Adventure”

Friday Findings: Storying Mindfulness in Place

Checked out of the public library on my ebook reader: Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Eat, Pray Love Join the call for a mindfulness approach to climate change: One Earth Sangha This year’s Scottish International Storytelling Festival takes “Once Upon a Place” as it’s theme. The myth of religious violence, Guardian article by Karen Armstrong The seals areContinue reading “Friday Findings: Storying Mindfulness in Place”