Friday findings: giving and receiving

I wanted to write one last giving post before moving on to my next project (which involves giving as you will see). The act of gift giving is made in relationship, a giver must have a receiver in order for a gift to come into being.  Because stories are at heart gifts, this is echoed in storytellers needing audiencesContinue reading “Friday findings: giving and receiving”

Restorying with Charles Eisenstein

If there’s one person who has been the Indie Press champion of overthrowing the old story and bringing in the new, it’s Charles Eisenstein.  His name has popped up on my blog a couple of times for his inspiring articles in Resurgence, so when he made his appearance in Edinburgh, post-New Story Summit, I promptlyContinue reading “Restorying with Charles Eisenstein”

Friday Findings: Happy Year of the Horse

Recently acquired: Shooting with Soul, by Alessandra Cave Interview with Alessandra Cave Make a positive investment: Ethex. Explore all the interesting storying and re-storying projects going on in Sheffield at Software to bring your computer desktop in line with the rhythm of the sun: f.lux.  Yes, I am obsessed with daylight hours Want to knowContinue reading “Friday Findings: Happy Year of the Horse”