Friday findings: giving and receiving

I wanted to write one last giving post before moving on to my next project (which involves giving as you will see). The act of gift giving is made in relationship, a giver must have a receiver in order for a gift to come into being.  Because stories are at heart gifts, this is echoed in storytellers needing audiencesContinue reading “Friday findings: giving and receiving”

Day 5: Answering the Call

I spent today working from home, some days its the only way I can actually get work done.  But the opportunity to give came calling despite my geography.  I was home when the Scottish SPCA phoned this afternoon asking for an increase in my monthly giving.  I took the opportunity and increased my donation by £1 aContinue reading “Day 5: Answering the Call”

Day 2: Stories of 29 Gifts

Gifting is a little addictive.  Spurred on by my soupsploits yesterday, I picked up a box of my favourite gluten-free, dairy-free truffles from Booja Booja to mail to a friend whose been having a bit of rough time lately.  Incidentally, I was first introduced to Booja Booja by receiving a box as a thank you giftContinue reading “Day 2: Stories of 29 Gifts”