Days 6 and 7: Freegling


Piper, my beloved puppy, grew like something from a fairytale, i.e. magically quickly.  After 6 weeks, he’d outgrown the first crate we bought for him (see the photo)…and after 6 months, he outgrew the second.  We’re now on crate number three, which is larger than number 2, which was officially size large.  Fortunately he’s a year old now and has reached his full height.   On Day 6 of this 29 day period of giving, I finally got around to giving away his old crates.

I emailed the Dog Aid Society of Scotland, headquartered here in Edinburgh, and yesterday one of their officers came to pick up the two crates. They will be used to help rescued dogs settle into their new homes.

Today, Day 7, I Freegled some old magazines.  Freegling is a bit hit and miss when it comes to giving things away.   When we left Canada to move to Scotland we used the local equivalent, Full Circle, giving away piles and piles of our possessions, from shelves of books to our double bed, but it took a lot of toing and froing. Sometimes people who asked for things didn’t show up to pick them up and sometimes people who said they wanted something didn’t reply to emails.

I put four ads up on Freegle earlier this week.  So far I’ve managed to give away the magazines. I don’t know anything about how they will be used, but I suppose that is none of my business. Freegle is fabulous for keeping things out of landfill while decluttering your home, but it is modelled on an anonymous marketplace.   Freegle will always be one website away, ready to help me de-clutter without wasting.  But it was much more satisfying to give away the crates, knowing what they will be used for, knowing the story my giving will become a part of.

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