The Three E’s of Storytelling and Ecology with Anthony Nanson

I’m excited about this episode, as it’s the first time ReStorying the Earth has had a ‘scoop’. Storytelling and Ecology: Empathy, Enchantment and Emergence in the Use of Oral Narratives by Anthony Nanson was officially launched earlier this month. I managed to catch up with Anthony last weekend. Here’s the official blurb and the audioContinue reading “The Three E’s of Storytelling and Ecology with Anthony Nanson”

Connecting with the land through traditional tales with Lisa Schneidau

How can traditional tales re-connect us to the landscape in ways that heal the relationship between people and the rest of nature?  In this episode,  I talk to Lisa Schneidau, a Devonshire based ecologist and storyteller, about her journey with story, nature conservation and education.  Lisa is the author of two popular collections of traditionalContinue reading “Connecting with the land through traditional tales with Lisa Schneidau”

Podcast: Amanda Edmiston from Botanica Fabula

This week, I share my conversation with Botanica Fabula’s Amanda Edmiston. Amanda is an herbalist, folklorist and storyteller here in Scotland.  She has a particular passion for reconnecting people to plants, to the land, to traditional knowledge and to each other.  While she has a number of fabulous projects on the go the focus ofContinue reading “Podcast: Amanda Edmiston from Botanica Fabula”