Friday Findings: dressing your inner child


On my bookshelf:  Enough: Breaking free from the world of more, by John Naish.

Do you have any stories you want to let go of?

If you haven’t yet purchased a diary for 2014, you might consider Earth Pathways’ inspiring collection of artwork, poetry and prose aimed at people committed to working towards healing the earth.

Dress your inner child with skirts and dresses made in England, from fabric designed and printed in England.  Each item comes with its very own children’s book, about a girl and her dog, illustrated by Bryony Richardson, who runs Poppy England alongside business partner Hannah.

I recently bought a digital camera.  The whole process took a lot of research, head scratching and hair pulling (my own you’ll be happy to know). I compared different brands scored on in the Ethical Consumer guide then decided to go second-hand. Digital cameras are one of those consumer gadgets that get major overhauls several times a year, which means they depreciate rapidly.  Bad news for people wanting to recoup their initial outlay.  Good news for someone wanting to upgrade a 7-year old camera, while minimising their environmental footprint.  I went through the archived award winners on and then watched listings for a while until I found the one.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Findings: dressing your inner child

  1. Nice! I saw the letting go exercise on someone else’s website also – time difference is hard here in eastern Canada though. What a great ritual – offering!

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