Friday Findings: dressing your inner child

On my bookshelf:  Enough: Breaking free from the world of more, by John Naish. Do you have any stories you want to let go of? If you haven’t yet purchased a diary for 2014, you might consider Earth Pathways’ inspiring collection of artwork, poetry and prose aimed at people committed to working towards healing the earth. DressContinue reading “Friday Findings: dressing your inner child”

Friday Findings: coming home

On my nightstand: Geoff Mead’s Coming Home to Story In my wallet, a Love Your Indie card.  The loyalty card that works across 136 bookshops in the UK.  I picked mine up at Word Power Books. The sacred power of listening, which forms the foundation for all good storytelling. How the story of entitlement threatens allContinue reading “Friday Findings: coming home”

Being 11th is Good Enough

The story of not being enough runs through our society, from individuals up through the organisations we create then back down onto people again in a perpetually reinforcing circle. The organisation I am embedded in right now is the University of Edinburgh. This university came 11th in the Times Higher Learning World University Rankings 2012-2013Continue reading “Being 11th is Good Enough”