Friday Findings: Happy Year of the Horse


Recently acquired: Shooting with Soul, by Alessandra Cave

Interview with Alessandra Cave

Make a positive investment: Ethex.

Explore all the interesting storying and re-storying projects going on in Sheffield at

Software to bring your computer desktop in line with the rhythm of the sun: f.lux.  Yes, I am obsessed with daylight hours

Want to know what the buzz is about?  Here’s the original Ted Talk that went viral and brought Brené Brown’s work on shame and vulnerability to the attention of the world wide web.

My Nexus 7 tablet lasted less than 7 months before giving up the ghost last week, just long enough to make me completely dependent on it.  It’s under warrantee, so it’s gone to the shop.  My inner luddite is gleeful at the return of the Hipster PDA.

Things that give me hope: Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

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