Anna Mae Aquash: Rewriting a Contemporary Legend

Somehow last night, in a binge of Web-surfing, I came across a story about the partial solving of the murder of Anna Mae Aquash.  As an activist, I grew up with the story of Anna Mae, a Mi’kmaq from Nova Scotia who was a mover and shaker in the American Indian Movement (AIM) until herContinue reading “Anna Mae Aquash: Rewriting a Contemporary Legend”

Friday Findings: What’s your day like?

On my nightstand, Miss Thing, by Nora Chassler, Two Raven Press.  The perfect summer fiction read. (P.S. Two Ravens Press is having an amazing sale on ebooks right now, with many being just £1) Get inspired to restructure your day, with the daily routines of famous creative people. Why spending more time marketing yourself onContinue reading “Friday Findings: What’s your day like?”