Friday Findings: What’s your day like?

Cover Design by Two Ravens Press

On my nightstand, Miss Thing, by Nora Chassler, Two Raven Press.  The perfect summer fiction read. (P.S. Two Ravens Press is having an amazing sale on ebooks right now, with many being just £1)

Get inspired to restructure your day, with the daily routines of famous creative people.

Why spending more time marketing yourself on social media is not necessarily the best strategy: More Doing, Less Promoting.

Plan to attend the acclaimed true life storytelling event the Moth, in London for the first time this year at the end of August.

Sick of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl stock character, and its underlying sexist plot-line?  You’re not the only one:  Why the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Must Never Return.  For MPDGs who fight to have a story of their own, see Andromeda, the title character in Nora Chassler’s story  Miss Thing, mentioned above, and Tricia Fish’s (script writer)  Moonie, title character of  one of my favourite movies, The New Waterford Girl.


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