Beginning with The Slow Knitter

The very first blog I kept was called “The Slow Knitter”.  It was 2006, I’d learned to knit a couple of years before and I got hooked on all the crafting blogs popping up like wildflowers on the internet, especially the ones with free patterns. The “Slow” in the title had a double meaning.  IContinue reading “Beginning with The Slow Knitter”

ExtInked Ecological Art and Tattoos at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Just got home from an afternoon of storytelling at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, with the lovely and talented Claire Druett.  We told stories about trees and conservation to a bunch of clued-in under-eights and their parents.  After the session, a dad came up to us and asked us if we knew Shel Silverstein’s TheContinue reading “ExtInked Ecological Art and Tattoos at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh”

Once Upon a Universe

Last night I debuted on stage at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in front of a sell-out crowd as part of the Once Upon a Universe project.  Performing in front of a large audience, obscured by lighting, was nerve-racking, exhilarating and ultimately a whole lot of fun.  I was proud to have been a part ofContinue reading “Once Upon a Universe”