Interview with Forest Schools Storyteller Daru Mcaleece

1) What inspired you to become a storyteller?  My earliest inspiration was Fantasy Roleplay Gaming, where I created characters and acted them out through stories and campaigns  – when I look back I now see there was a dramatist and storyteller hiding inside me! This led me in my 20s to join a community drama troupe, where IContinue reading “Interview with Forest Schools Storyteller Daru Mcaleece”

House-warming: An Experiment in Living with Less

I moved to Edinburgh from Canada five year ago with my husband and my dog.  We traveled light when we came here, bringing only what we could take on the plane for free: which back then was 2 checked bags and a carry on.  The month before our move was taken up by sorting through everything we’d accumulated,Continue reading “House-warming: An Experiment in Living with Less”

ExtInked Ecological Art and Tattoos at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Just got home from an afternoon of storytelling at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, with the lovely and talented Claire Druett.  We told stories about trees and conservation to a bunch of clued-in under-eights and their parents.  After the session, a dad came up to us and asked us if we knew Shel Silverstein’s TheContinue reading “ExtInked Ecological Art and Tattoos at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh”