Getting an Austerity Detox

Catherine Hartley and Chris Lee were in Edinburgh to give the final RSE Scottish Health Humanities Seminar yesterday.  Their presentation, Austerity Detox, was exactly what I needed, a quietly subversive mix of sharp social analysis, visual art and theatre, laced with dark humour.  The topic: surviving public service in this contemporary age of “austerity”. Hmm,Continue reading “Getting an Austerity Detox”

From Boycotts to Girlcotts: (Re)storying neighbourhood coffee shops

On Monday, I had breakfast with a friend and colleague.  She’d emailed suggesting we meet at Starbucks to plan a project we’ve been mulling over these last few months.  Starbucks has made a fortune out of being everyone’s global/local coffee shop, storying itself as a multinational pillar of the community. This friendly neighbourhood tale hasContinue reading “From Boycotts to Girlcotts: (Re)storying neighbourhood coffee shops”