Edinburgh Transition Tales in Reforesting Scotland

The Autumn/Winter issue of Reforesting Scotland’s magazine (of the same name) focussed on the Transition movement in Scotland. The article “Deep into soul soil” written by Transition Edinburgh member Jude Dunn discusses the importance of addressing heart and soul matters in our attempts to bring about positive changes in our selves and our communities inContinue reading “Edinburgh Transition Tales in Reforesting Scotland”

Storytelling and Adventure Therapy

I spent much of last week attending the Fifth International Adventure Therapy Conference.  Not surprisingly, narratives and storytelling have found their way into this field. Paul Stolz (Evolve at Typo Station) and Cathryn Carpenter (Deakin University), both in Australia, spoke about their use of narrative therapy approaches to working with young people “in the bush”. Continue reading “Storytelling and Adventure Therapy”