Days 6 and 7: Freegling

Piper, my beloved puppy, grew like something from a fairytale, i.e. magically quickly.  After 6 weeks, he’d outgrown the first crate we bought for him (see the photo)…and after 6 months, he outgrew the second.  We’re now on crate number three, which is larger than number 2, which was officially size large.  Fortunately he’s aContinue reading “Days 6 and 7: Freegling”

Day 5: Answering the Call

I spent today working from home, some days its the only way I can actually get work done.  But the opportunity to give came calling despite my geography.  I was home when the Scottish SPCA phoned this afternoon asking for an increase in my monthly giving.  I took the opportunity and increased my donation by £1 aContinue reading “Day 5: Answering the Call”

Day 4: For the Ants who have Everything

Today’s gift-giving went cross-species.  I’ve got this high-tech hot composter in my back garden.  When you maintain it properly it will reach temperatures high to kill plant pests and weed seeds.  However, we let it cool down over the winter, by failing to feed it regularly, and a city of ants moved in.  I really should dig outContinue reading “Day 4: For the Ants who have Everything”