Podcast: Climate Change Storytelling from Town to Legislature with Judith Black

Join me for an inspiring chat with Judith Black, storyteller and climate activist, who has brought folktales into the belly of her State Legislature!  Judith has been telling stories for 35 years.  Five years ago, realising the full scale of the climate disaster we are facing, Judith dedicated herself and her storytelling skills to working on these issues.  In our chat, she shares three ways of working with story: (1) a wake up call to responsibility; (2) a warning and education; (3) modelling strategies for change.  She suggests a number of stories that fit these three categories and tells three: Spider and the Palm Nut Tree, Three Brahmans and a Tiger, The Giant Turnip.  Stories are powerful, she argues, because they keep our gates of perception open.

Judith has done a Tedx talk on Storytelling and Climate Disruption and Hope: An Antidote to Despair: Storytelling and Climate Disruption

On her website, she generously shares her wisdom on crafting environmental stories from science:http://storiesalive.com/an-integrated-life-storytelling-climate-disruption-1/

She makes reference to Margaret Read MacDonald’s Earth Care: World Folktales to Talk About.

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