Podcast: Svend-Erik Engh on Folkehøjskole, Nordic Myths and Helping People find their Voice

In this episode I talk to Svend-Erik Engh, a Danish storyteller, about plans to bring a Folkehøjskole (‘folk high school’) to Scotland. In our conversation, Svend-Erik shares the origins of Folkehøjskole in Denmark, the role of mythology in learning and the impact this form of education has on students and society.  There is some master storytelling here as well, as Svend-Erik shares with us the myth of Odin hanging from Yggdrasil, the sacred world tree.

While Svend-Erik and his team plan to offer an in-person, residential Folkehøjskole sometime in the future, they will be offering a ‘taster’ Folkehøjskole, with a focus on storytelling, online for three weeks beginning in July 2021.  This programme is open to anyone, anywhere.

You can find out more about Svend-Erik Engh (including how to contact him) here: https://svenderikengh.com/

You can find out more about the Scottish Folkehøjskole here: giantsheart.org

(Credit for photo of Svend-Erik Engh to Alice Fernbank)

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