Golem-spotting in Fife!

I recently received one of the best gifts a children’s author can receive: artwork inspired by my writing. Karl Barrs, a teacher in Fife, sent me this photo of golems his class made out of clay after tuning in to an author event I did online for Education Scotland’s Glovember celebration of books. I wroteContinue reading “Golem-spotting in Fife!”

How to Buy a Golem Book (and Spread the Word)

Friends and family here in Scotland and around the world have asked me how they should buy the book.  They want to know what would benefit me most as a brand new author. As an author at the beginning of my career, what I need help with the most is getting word out about myContinue reading “How to Buy a Golem Book (and Spread the Word)”

“How to Make a Golem” has been officially launched

“How to Make a Golem (and Terrify People)” has been officially released.  Thanks  to Floris Books for throwing me a fabulous book launch party last night–they even supplied the guests with chocolates in the shape of eyeballs!  That is truly attention to detail. Thanks also to everyone who came out to hear me read andContinue reading ““How to Make a Golem” has been officially launched”