“How to Make a Golem” has been officially launched

“How to Make a Golem (and Terrify People)” has been officially released.  Thanks  to Floris Books for throwing me a fabulous book launch party last night–they even supplied the guests with chocolates in the shape of eyeballs!  That is truly attention to detail.

Thanks also to everyone who came out to hear me read and buy a signed book.  My hand-writing, which has never been all that legible, got worse and worse as the night wore on.  It felt quite surreal to look out over the crowd late in the evening and see people reading my book, surreal but really really good.

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4 thoughts on ““How to Make a Golem” has been officially launched

  1. Nice! I didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘golem food’, that’s something to remember for the next potluck. 😉

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