How to Buy a Golem Book (and Spread the Word)

Friends and family here in Scotland and around the world have asked me how they should buy the book.  They want to know what would benefit me most as a brand new author.

As an author at the beginning of my career, what I need help with the most is getting word out about my book’s existence.  On-line booksellers are handy because they carry a bigger number of titles than any real life shop can carry.  However, they don’t do much in the way of spreading the word about new books by authors no one has heard about (yet).  As far as getting word out local bookshops, particularly independent ones, are key.  So, dear friends and family, if you’re looking for a way to help me build my readership, order my book from your local bookshop. If the book-buyer likes the look of what they’ve ordered for you, they may decide to add in a few extra copies for the shop. With those copies on their shelves, the chances of people stumbling upon my book increase.  Your local bookseller should be able to find the book just by the title (and the author’s name).  However knowing the isbn can be helpful too (isbn 9780863158407).

If you live somewhere that doesn’t have a bookstore and you do buy on-line, be sure to go back and add in a review.  Readers pay attention to reviews when they choose books.

Thanks for helping a newly published children’s author reach new markets!

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2 thoughts on “How to Buy a Golem Book (and Spread the Word)

  1. Here in North Bay (Canada) I tried to order mine through the local Coles but on Nov 17th it wasn’t in their database so they wouldn’t help me. And the non-chain store said the Canadian distributor had to receive copies before they could do the order. I got impatient at that point and ordered online, straight from Floris. But when I think of anyone else to give copies to then I’m going to try that downtown place again. Any plans to set up a do-it-yourself book tour, interviews, that sort of thing?

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