Once Upon a Universe

Last night I debuted on stage at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in front of a sell-out crowd as part of the Once Upon a Universe project.  Performing in front of a large audience, obscured by lighting, was nerve-racking, exhilarating and ultimately a whole lot of fun.  I was proud to have been a part ofContinue reading “Once Upon a Universe”

Mikku and the Trees at Tree Spirit

In preparing for a tree story-walk, I stumbled across a wonderful resource for environmentally-inclined storytellers (and people who simply love trees): http://www.spiritoftrees.org.  This site lists folktales, and links to folktales, concerning various species of tree.  Of particular interest to readers of this blog, the full text of Margaret Read MacDonald‘s telling of Mikku and theContinue reading “Mikku and the Trees at Tree Spirit”

Transition Tales in Totnes: Imagining A Positive Low-Energy Future

Transition Town Totnes, in the south of England, has also hitched story to imagination in an effort to change the course of their community’s future.  Seeking creative ways of coping with the twin specters of peak oil and climate change, they have hosted a series of storytelling workshops with adults and children both in schoolsContinue reading “Transition Tales in Totnes: Imagining A Positive Low-Energy Future”