Edinburgh Transition Tales in Reforesting Scotland

The Autumn/Winter issue of Reforesting Scotland’s magazine (of the same name) focussed on the Transition movement in Scotland. The article “Deep into soul soil” written by Transition Edinburgh member Jude Dunn discusses the importance of addressing heart and soul matters in our attempts to bring about positive changes in our selves and our communities in relation to the issues of climate change and peak oil.

Jude includes a mention of the storytelling workshop I did last Winter with the Transition Edinburgh Heart and Soul group and finishes with the following quotation, which I thought was worth repeating (No, I do not speak this articulately.  It is a quotation from an email conversation that I had with Jude):

“There is still hope for a better future.  There are stories about what it is to live a meaningful life, even if they are largely ignored.  Some of these stories have been half forgotten while others haven’t even been told yet.  Fortunately, there are people tending the embers of these stories and breathing new life into them.  It is my hope that some day soon these stories will burn bright enough to lead us to a sustainable future” (Alette Willis quoted in Reforesting Scotland, issue 40, 2009/2010, page 21).

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