Fiona MacLeod: Trees, Stones and Water

This is the second part of the two-part interview I did with Bretagne storyteller, Fiona MacLeod.  Here she talks about re-storying trees, stones, and water; her annual week-long storytelling in nature workshop; and some resources for environmentally-friendly tales.  She leaves us with the question of who will save water today?

The Power of Short Film

A well made short film is like a poem, it leaves room in it for the unfolding of many different stories.  Vinko Totic, a soft-spoken man who knows first-hand the ravages of civil war has devoted his life to spreading peace and compassion.  When I lived in Ottawa, I knew him best as a organizerContinue reading “The Power of Short Film”

The Tiger Bride: Art, Story and the Wild Mind

The stars–or was it my busy schedule?–finally aligned in such a way that I was able to get to one of Nicola Ryrie‘s story and art workshops at the Salisbury Centre.  February’s story was The Tiger Bride from Angela Carter‘s collection, The Bloody Chamber.  The experience of working with this story through art in theContinue reading “The Tiger Bride: Art, Story and the Wild Mind”