Edinburgh Transition Tales in Reforesting Scotland

The Autumn/Winter issue of Reforesting Scotland’s magazine (of the same name) focussed on the Transition movement in Scotland. The article “Deep into soul soil” written by Transition Edinburgh member Jude Dunn discusses the importance of addressing heart and soul matters in our attempts to bring about positive changes in our selves and our communities inContinue reading “Edinburgh Transition Tales in Reforesting Scotland”

Mikku and the Trees at Tree Spirit

In preparing for a tree story-walk, I stumbled across a wonderful resource for environmentally-inclined storytellers (and people who simply love trees): http://www.spiritoftrees.org.  This site lists folktales, and links to folktales, concerning various species of tree.  Of particular interest to readers of this blog, the full text of Margaret Read MacDonald‘s telling of Mikku and theContinue reading “Mikku and the Trees at Tree Spirit”

Bringing Storytelling to the Edinburgh Transition Initiative

Within the model of the Transition Movement, as much attention is given to the psycho-spiritual and cultural aspects of social change as is given to more standard aspects of sustainable living like alternative transportation and renewable energy.  Each transition initiative is encouraged to have a “Heart and Soul” working group that meets regularly to exploreContinue reading “Bringing Storytelling to the Edinburgh Transition Initiative”