Interview with Storytelling Daniel Allison on Initiation and Getting Outdoors

ME  You recently went on a walk across Scotland telling stories along the way, what that was like and what did you learn from your journey? DANIEL  It was hard. Very hard. I was on a tight schedule which on some days required over twenty miles walking with hardly a break. It rained torrentially duringContinue reading “Interview with Storytelling Daniel Allison on Initiation and Getting Outdoors”

Interview with Forest Schools Storyteller Daru Mcaleece

1) What inspired you to become a storyteller?  My earliest inspiration was Fantasy Roleplay Gaming, where I created characters and acted them out through stories and campaigns  – when I look back I now see there was a dramatist and storyteller hiding inside me! This led me in my 20s to join a community drama troupe, where IContinue reading “Interview with Forest Schools Storyteller Daru Mcaleece”

Emily Dodd: Inspiring Children to Care about Wildlife

Emily Dodd, the education officer for the Scottish Seabird Centre, talks about the role of storytelling in communicating science to children and in inspiring them to care about the maritime environment and its birds.  She also discusses her experiences using GLOW, a digital learning network, to share the story of Percy the Puffin with classesContinue reading “Emily Dodd: Inspiring Children to Care about Wildlife”