Golem in Translation

I received an early Christmas present this year.  My kids’ book came out in Macedonian a month ago and I received my three copies in the mail from the publisher, Vermilion Books .  They did an excellent job on the cover, putting Edda’s favourite painting on it: Una and the Lion, by William Scott Bell. Continue reading “Golem in Translation”

Being 11th is Good Enough

The story of not being enough runs through our society, from individuals up through the organisations we create then back down onto people again in a perpetually reinforcing circle. The organisation I am embedded in right now is the University of Edinburgh. This university came 11th in the Times Higher Learning World University Rankings 2012-2013Continue reading “Being 11th is Good Enough”

House-warming: An Experiment in Living with Less

I moved to Edinburgh from Canada five year ago with my husband and my dog.  We traveled light when we came here, bringing only what we could take on the plane for free: which back then was 2 checked bags and a carry on.  The month before our move was taken up by sorting through everything we’d accumulated,Continue reading “House-warming: An Experiment in Living with Less”