Friday Findings: to share or not to share

On my breakfast table: Bee Journal, by Sean Borodale (which happens to be the book for our autumn Green Book Club meeting) Read about Sean Borodale’s writing while walking technique in this interview Another inspiring article by Charles Eisensteing in the current issue of Resurgence Magazine Lewisham’s re-purposed phonebox: bring a book, take a book Other micro-libraries:  The LittleContinue reading “Friday Findings: to share or not to share”

My Canine Familiar

Dogs were the first animals to bind their fates to humans.  Some neo-pagan types have a hard time forgiving them for that, putting cats forward as the eco-feminist companion animal of choice.  Despite growing up with cats whom I loved dearly, and having plenty of neo-pagan, eco-feminist leanings, I confess that I always wanted aContinue reading “My Canine Familiar”

Friday Findings: Summer vacation round-up

My two favourite beach reads, both children’s books, both with non-human and human point of view characters: The Little White Horse, by Elizabeth Goudge, a book first published in 1946 that still holds up to being read today The Magician’s Elephant, by Kate DiCamillo, 2011, which I read on a whim and fell in love with FavouriteContinue reading “Friday Findings: Summer vacation round-up”