Friday Findings: Summer vacation round-up


My two favourite beach reads, both children’s books, both with non-human and human point of view characters:

Favourite castle visited this summer: Bamburgh Castle (mostly for it’s position in the landscape and the wide mostly empty beaches beneath it)

Most inspiring read of the summer vacation season: Charles Eisenstein’s keynote article in Resurgence, which argues that we need to find more livable alternatives to the “standard climate change narrative”.  This standard narrative draws on and feeds the same discourses that underly our damaging relationship with the rest of the more-than-human world.

Favourite foodie find: Swallow Fish Traditional Smokehouse in Sea Houses, established 1843.  They do mail orders!

The excursion I’m most bummed about missing out on: Farne Island Tour

Drink of the summer: Raspberry Cider from Thistly Cross

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