Transition Tales at Emerson College

The twin specters of climate change and peak oil are offering us an “open moment.”  In the face of an unknowable future, what stories will we tell to open a way forward?  This was the question that seventeen storytellers from six different countries gathered at Emerson College to explore under the gentle guidance of AshleyContinue reading “Transition Tales at Emerson College”

Update on the Transition Scotland Survey

Unfortunately, the response rate on the survey of the use of storytelling in Scottish transition initiatives was extremely low:  Only one person submitted a completed survey.  However, this person did report that their initiative had used storytelling.  Specifically she wrote that they had engaged in “Collecting and sharing oral histories (recording stories told by eldersContinue reading “Update on the Transition Scotland Survey”

Storylistening Podcasts Launched

I have finally posted my first two podcasts: a two-part interview with French storyteller Fiona MacLeod. I caught up with Fiona MacLeod, a storyteller from Brittany,  France, at the Scottish Storytelling Centre where she was storyteller in residence for the month of February. While in Scotland she facilitated a workshop on Contemplation, Story and PathwaysContinue reading “Storylistening Podcasts Launched”