Storylistening Podcasts Launched

three treesI have finally posted my first two podcasts: a two-part interview with French storyteller Fiona MacLeod.

I caught up with Fiona MacLeod, a storyteller from Brittany,  France, at the Scottish Storytelling Centre where she was storyteller in residence for the month of February. While in Scotland she facilitated a workshop on Contemplation, Story and Pathways to Peace as part of the Edinburgh Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace.  In the first part of the interview she shares her thoughts and experiences in working with stories in this manner.  In the second part of the interview she talks more about storytelling and the environment, particularly rocks, trees and water.  She also describes the annual week-long workshop she facilitates in France on storytelling and the environment.  I hope you find the interview as useful and inspiring as I did.

Fiona MacLeod: Stories as Pathways to Peace (podcast)

Fiona MacLeod: Trees, Stones and Water (podcast)

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