Bringing Storytelling to the Edinburgh Transition Initiative

Within the model of the Transition Movement, as much attention is given to the psycho-spiritual and cultural aspects of social change as is given to more standard aspects of sustainable living like alternative transportation and renewable energy.  Each transition initiative is encouraged to have a “Heart and Soul” working group that meets regularly to exploreContinue reading “Bringing Storytelling to the Edinburgh Transition Initiative”

Environmentally-Friendly Story Sticks

Story sticks are tangible reminders of the outline of a story.  I first learned about them at a workshop on storytelling and Eco-schools led by Donald Smith and Claire McNichol at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. I made this story stick out of a small windfall branch, fabric scraps, ends of yarn and a few pipeContinue reading “Environmentally-Friendly Story Sticks”

The Scottish Seabird Centre Takes Environmental Storytelling On-line

The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick has been experimenting with delivering environmentally-themed stories to schools over the internet.  The stories, aimed at early years classes, focus on puffins and seals and other creatures that can be found in the Firth of Forth, especially on the islands that the Centre has webcams on. The storiesContinue reading “The Scottish Seabird Centre Takes Environmental Storytelling On-line”