The Scottish Seabird Centre Takes Environmental Storytelling On-line

puffinThe Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick has been experimenting with delivering environmentally-themed stories to schools over the internet.  The stories, aimed at early years classes, focus on puffins and seals and other creatures that can be found in the Firth of Forth, especially on the islands that the Centre has webcams on.

The stories are delivered live in a interactive on-line educational setting via GLOW, a national education intranet managed by Learning and Teaching Scotland (a government organization for curriculum development).  Unfortunately I’m not a school so I have not been able to watch the on-line storytelling sessions.  However, I have met Emily Dodd, the Seabird Centre’s Education Officer, and I’ve heard her tell stories, so I’m confident that they were engaging and educational virtual events.


More information on the stories and the intranet telling project can be found on the Scottish Seabird Centre as can their webcams.

Learning and Teaching Scotland runs the GLOW intranet program.

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