Environmentally-Friendly Story Sticks

Story sticks are tangible reminders of the outline of a story.  I first learned about them at a workshop on storytelling and Eco-schools led by Donald Smith and Claire McNichol at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

story stick

I made this story stick out of a small windfall branch, fabric scraps, ends of yarn and a few pipe cleaners.  Each decoration added to the stick symbolizes an aspect of the story.  I created it to help me learn the Welsh tale about the Little Man with Very Large Feet.

Aside from the pipe cleaners, everything I used was either recycled, reused, or was a natural material found outside.  While it may look like a jumble of odds and ends, it helps me to remember the story.


I’ve included a photo of a more elaborate story stick made by another workshop participant.  Story sticks can be made by people of a wide range of ages and talents.  They are helpful for anyone learning a story, but are particularly useful for beginner tellers as they offer something they can physically hang onto while telling a story.

The Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh offers a range of workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year.

Eco-Schools is an international programme.  In Scotland over 90% of schools are participating in the programme and almost a quarter have achieved the highest award of a Green Flag.

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