Our Story, Our Future at the Glasgow Science Centre

Happy to have my telling of Duncan Williamson’s story of Thomas the Thatcher included in the Glasgow Science Centre’s online resources #GSCAtHome. You can find the written version of this tale in Dancing with Trees: Eco-tales of the British Isles (History Press). The story is also included in Linda Williamson’s The Coming of the Unicorn (Floris Books).

Visit the Glasgow Science Centre’s Discover our World our Impact Hub

Earth Up! Storytelling Festival April 9-11

The National Storytelling Network in the US is hosting Earth Up! this coming weekend. Three days of stories and workshops for the earth. Through the magic of Zoom, re-storying will be happening internationally around biodiversity, climate change and nature connection. Lots of interesting workshops to be taken, stories to be listened to and conversations to be had.

I’ll be telling a story as part of the Earth Stories Collection panel on Friday night at 7pm Central Time (9 April 2021)

More information and registration here: https://storynet.org/earth-up/

More on the Earth Stories Collection, which I’m editorial consultant for here: TESC