The Earth Stories Collection Movie

The Earth Stories Collection, which it has been my honour to work on, has just released a new video featuring Executive Directory, Grian Cutanda, talking about the impetus and theory behind using traditional stories to bring about worldview change. This video summarises nicely the first part of The Earth Stories Collection, Volume 0, weaving togetherContinue reading “The Earth Stories Collection Movie”

Podcast: Truth and Story

Okay, full disclosure, I meant to record this episode first as the introduction to the entire podcast, but then the opportunity to record a conversation with Sian Cornelius came up, and this one had to wait. I do regular storytelling training workshops with academics, scientists and students to help them communicate their research more effectively.Continue reading “Podcast: Truth and Story”

Podcast: Building Community Through Story with Sian Cornelius

Happy Earth Day everyone. I’ve made a foray into the realm of podcasts! Here’s the first episode with Welsh storyteller, author and harp player (amongst a very large range of other skills and interests). Sian was living in Christchurch in 2011 when the earthquake hit. In this episode, Sian explains how that experience led herContinue reading “Podcast: Building Community Through Story with Sian Cornelius”