Celebrating Beltane with Stories

We launched our book on Earth Day (April 22nd) over two events at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. I volunteered to do another event, reprising my role as Talking Tree at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh for Wild Reekie (a Meetup group of more than 1000 members who all share a passion for nature and beingContinue reading “Celebrating Beltane with Stories”

On Not Hesitating to be Inspired

Lee Durrell was honored by the RZSS as one of their Tribal Elders last night, giving me the opportunity to see one of my childhood heroes speak up close and in person. I grew up on Gerald Durrell’s books and the tv shows he and Lee produced. Their stories inspired me to care about theContinue reading “On Not Hesitating to be Inspired”

From Penguins to Tigers: Storytelling at the Zoo in 2016

2016 has gotten off to a very organised start for this RZSS Storytelling Resident.  I’ve finally edited and posted the story I crafted for the Penguin Festival (Animal Stories tab) and I’ve posted my upcoming performances (Events 2016 tab). Being part of the Penguin Festival was a thrill, as a few penguin friends stopped byContinue reading “From Penguins to Tigers: Storytelling at the Zoo in 2016”