Podcast: Earth Stories and the Earth Charter with Catriona Blanke

For this week’s episode, I spoke to Catriona Blanke in Germany.  Catriona is a gifted singer-songwriter and storyteller with a passion for sharing Earth Stories with joy and connectedness.  Catriona has a background in theatre and organisational change.  She offers courses and trains people in theatre and storytelling for social transformation.  She has been an Earth Charter Ambassador for almost a decade and weaves this into the storytelling work she does.  In this episode, she talks to me about why stories matter, the renewed interest in storytelling in Germany, the Earth Charter and the Earth Stories Collection.

Catriona’s Links:
Courses and training here: www.t-time-trainings.net
Music and sharing here: www.catriona.net/english/

Other Links:
The Earth Charter here: https://earthcharter.org/
The Earth Stories Collection: https://theearthstoriescollection.org
In Germany, you can learn about becoming an Earth Charter Ambassador here: https://erdcharta.de/1/about-the-initiative/erd-charta-botschafterinnen/

Link to the Story:
The Storyteller and the Samurai (Japan): https://theearthstoriescollection.org/en/the-storyteller-and-the-samurai/

Photo Credit: Svenja Kranz

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