Podcast: Amanda Edmiston from Botanica Fabula

This week, I share my conversation with Botanica Fabula’s Amanda Edmiston. Amanda is an herbalist, folklorist and storyteller here in Scotland.  She has a particular passion for reconnecting people to plants, to the land, to traditional knowledge and to each other.  While she has a number of fabulous projects on the go the focus ofContinue reading “Podcast: Amanda Edmiston from Botanica Fabula”

Seasonal Stories Round the Tree

Happy New Year everyone! The last day of 2013 found me at the Scottish Storytelling Centre hosting Stories Round the Tree, two sessions of seasonal tales for ages 4+.  I first trained as a s storyteller in 2007 back in Canada with the Ottawa Storytellers.  With just over six years of telling under my belt,Continue reading “Seasonal Stories Round the Tree”