Out with Resolutions, in with Done Lists

On Saturday, the running shop was mobbed when I went, on a whim, to buy new running shoes.  Nothing says “New Year’s Resolution time”, like a packed out fitness shop.  Wikipedia dates the phenomenon of resolutions back to the Babylonians.  However, the orientation of resolutions has changed over the centuries.  Historical resolutions tended to beContinue reading “Out with Resolutions, in with Done Lists”

Fab Friday Links: Flowing into the New Year

I picked up a copy of the English language version of the Dutch simple living and “paper arts” magazine, Flow from Analogue Books in Edinburgh. Gorgeous  illustrations and thoughtful articles about living a creative, mindful and satisfying life. Feeling nostalgic for tofu scramble at The Horn of the Moon Cafe in Montpelier Vermont. I eat these like popcorn: Roasted Brussel SproutsContinue reading “Fab Friday Links: Flowing into the New Year”

Meeting up with a Long Lost Friend

Three months ago, after an absence of years, I picked up a pen, dug out an empty book and started journalling again.  It’s felt like getting reacquainted with a good friend I’d lost touch with.  From my early teens I was a devoted journal writer.  The first journal I filled was “A Walk Through the Shire”Continue reading “Meeting up with a Long Lost Friend”