Storytelling Amongst Hawthorn Blossoms

One of my favourite things about storytelling is getting to go to places I’ve never been before.  Today, Allison and I were at Cuningar Loop in Glasgow, telling stories in a teepee, sometimes with the sun beaming in on us, other times with the rain pounding down on the canvas shell. Cuningar Loop is one ofContinue reading “Storytelling Amongst Hawthorn Blossoms”

Rain Day at the Zoo

The Edinburgh Zoo in the rain was a much busier place than I anticipated.  Despite the liberal peppering of yellow weather warnings on the Met office website, there were three eager families ahead of me in line for admission. Long-time volunteer Heather had offered to take me on her own personal tour of the zoo.  She wasContinue reading “Rain Day at the Zoo”

Craigies Farm Café serves up local, wholesome gluten-free fare

We finally managed to get to Craigie’s Farm today with our dog, Piper.  I’ve been meaning to go for a couple of years, but it’s really best reached by car (or bike) and as we only have one bike between the three of us and no car at all, it’s taken us a while toContinue reading “Craigies Farm Café serves up local, wholesome gluten-free fare”