Storylistening Podcast Added: Michael Williams Speaks about Healing Stories and the Middle East

IMG_2407_2In an earlier post, I wrote about Starhawk’s plea for the telling of new stories in and about the Middle East.  Today, I am pleased to be able to offer a podcast concerning a project  that is being undertaken in Israel and Palestine to bring about the end of the old story and the beginning of new ones.

Last week I interviewed Michael Williams, a storyteller with roots in Canada and Scotland.  He had just returned from a six-week intensive program learning about and then carrying out storytelling work in a conflict zone.  I have posted two podcasts from this interview.

In the first, Michael Williams talks about the Healing Words-Storytelling as a Pathway to Peace course at Emerson College’s School of Storytelling and the subsequent tour of Palestine and Israel that graduates of this program went on.  He tells the tale of a workshop that he and others facilitated that enabled ex-military men and women from Israel and Palestine to share their stories with each other.

In the second podcast, Michael Williams shares some tips of where to find stories for working through conflict.  He also relates his experience telling Taffy Thomas‘ The Fearful Giant to a mixed group of Israeli and Palestinian women.  The moral of Michael’s tale is to be responsible to your story and your audience and to be aware that others may hear things in the stories of your repertoire that you are not aware of putting there.

Michael Williams can be reached at

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