ExtInked Ecological Art and Tattoos at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Just got home from an afternoon of storytelling at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, with the lovely and talented Claire Druett.  We told stories about trees and conservation to a bunch of clued-in under-eights and their parents.  After the session, a dad came up to us and asked us if we knew Shel Silverstein’s TheContinue reading “ExtInked Ecological Art and Tattoos at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh”

Happy World Book Day (UK) Everyone!

Here in the UK, World Book Day is being celebrated on the 1st of March.  The rest of the world will be celebrating it on April 23rd, the date that UNESCO selected as it is the anniversary of the death of Cervantes and the birth and death of Shakespeare.  I will be marking World BookContinue reading “Happy World Book Day (UK) Everyone!”

Unlocking Story at the SSC

Whenever I feel like I’m bogging down, creatively speaking, I sign up for a workshop at the Scottish Storytelling Centre and I always come away inspired.  This past Saturday was no exception. The topic of the day was how to use story with artifacts, archives and museums.  Steve Byrne introduced us to the amazing resourceContinue reading “Unlocking Story at the SSC”