Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros


The story of The Prince and the Rhinoceros is my pick for the greater one-horned rhinoceros, also known as the Indian Rhinoceros.  It’s a lovely story with Indian origins and a message about friendship that the zoo’s two rhinos Bertus and Samir would appreciate.  While rhinos are famous for being solitary creatures, up to age 7 or 8, young male rhinos prefer to live with a best friend, like these two do.

The Prince and the Rhinoceros” can be found on the Rhino Resource Centre Website, where it says their version is from Toni Knapp from the book Ordinary Splendours: Tales of Virtues and Wisdoms, published by Roberts Rinehart Publishers in Boulder Colorado, 1995.   Thanks to storyteller Fiona Collins for pointing me to this story.

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