Interview with Storyteller Daniel Allison on Inspiration and John Muir

ME  What (or who) inspired you to become a storyteller? DANIEL  One man – Martin Shaw. I read an article by him about the work he did as a wilderness rites-of-passage guide and how he saw myth, initiation and relationship with land as inextricably bound together. I was fascinated. I already had a strong interestContinue reading “Interview with Storyteller Daniel Allison on Inspiration and John Muir”

There is something special about telling stories outdoors, especially during a summer like we’re having this year in Scotland.  On Sunday, the sun was beaming down so strongly the seedpods of the gorse bushes were popping like popcorn as I climbed Corstorphine Hill. When I got to the walled garden, there were a bevy ofContinue reading

Getting an Austerity Detox

Catherine Hartley and Chris Lee were in Edinburgh to give the final RSE Scottish Health Humanities Seminar yesterday.  Their presentation, Austerity Detox, was exactly what I needed, a quietly subversive mix of sharp social analysis, visual art and theatre, laced with dark humour.  The topic: surviving public service in this contemporary age of “austerity”. Hmm,Continue reading “Getting an Austerity Detox”